Belated End of Year Journal!

Hey all, hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and had a fabulous new year!

Christmas for me is just another day. Oliver and I can’t be arsed, let alone have the space to decorate so it comes and goes quick. But we did go over to a friends family for an epic Christmas dinner X3 We watched Daddy’s Home 2 and Jumanji (the new one at least).

Since I’ve broken up from work for the holidays I spent the last two weeks festering over sketches and watching tons of South Park. God damn I’ve lost so many brain cells and I plan to lose many more!

I spent New Year’s eve at a mates house getting smashed off my face and having deep conversations about furry fandom, exchanging Digimon smut and playing games, it was great. Oliver had to work but he picked me up at the end of the night and was just shaking his head at his drunk spouse. I’m a great wife honest!

I do have some great news though. Oliver and I are now looking to buy our new home next year so unfortunately we’ll have to put our Japan trip on hold. There’s one property in particular that we both really want so hopefully we can get it *fingers crossed*

As for resolutions for next year??
Draw a least one piece per month that includes a background – I always think I can’t draw backgrounds but I end up always surprising myself with how decent they come out? 8’D
Practice hands and feet – What it says on the tin. Just to practice in my sketchbook. I always struggle drawing these
Complete a physical sketchbook by December – Since converting and practising digital art I’ve completely neglected my sketchbook and art tools. I have been drawing more over the holidays tbf and it’s felt awesome! Watching sketchbook tours on Youtube has really inspired this
LEARN. TO. DRIVE! – Even though I’m married and have moved out, I still feel like I haven’t fully broken into adulthood. I always really on other people to get me to places etc. This will be the hardest ;_; But I’ve always had a dream to own a motorbike you know?

So really that wraps up my thoughts for the end of the year. Hopefully it won’t be too long until my next post. Much love!

Naomi, Zack and Beelzemon | Key Holder of Sin Tamer

Naomi and Zack, tamers of Beelzemon and the joint key holders of Gluttony. Following the previous keyholder’s death, Naomi and Zack were the first tamers in the circle to inherit a Demon Lord. Throughout their reign they both secretly tried to gain access to Mariana’s Web, the highest part of the reverse world that influenced the Digital and the human world above. For this they were to be executed but were able to escape and retreat to the human world instead. For the longest time they lived off grid but have now teamed up with the Digidestined to try and fix the conflicts that are spilling into the Digital and Human world.

I’m so glad that there is only one instalment left in these series of drawings ^^ This is for my Digimon Story which I’ve been working. I’m a tad delirious from sleep deprivation/meds so I hope their backgrounds make sense.

To explain the “Reverse world”, it’s essentially the lower level of the Digital World which mirrors it perfectly like a reflection (Kind of like Stranger Things?) This is where the territories/towers of each of the sins are. So for the Reverse World, Mariana’s Web is the highest point, but for the Digital and Human World it’s the deepest level of the Web. 

London Comic Con and Art Progress

It’s been almost three weeks since I went to MCM with my work. It was a busy but amazing weekend! Taking a lot of stock and setting up takes a lot of energy and time but it was all worth it for the atmosphere of catching up with friends and seeing lots of cool Cosplays!

What was really amazing for me was seeing my Cosplay photos up as huge banners. It was for my Ami Aiba costume from Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth (the yellow outfit). It was also featured on Cosplay Islands front page over the course of that week. I felt so proud!

I didn’t get many pictures for myself but I got a few that were iconic, including a full Clockwork Orange group. I still need to watch The Ancient Magus’ Bride but this guy’s cosplay was so cool. Poor man couldn’t walk a few feet without getting stopped for a photo!

But the weekend ended quickly, it was almost like a flash and boom. Done. Over :’D But now for me it’s about knuckling down and finishing off some personal projects of my Digimon Story before the Christmas holiday. I’ve done well managing to get a chunk of those projects done over the last week or so.

Doing this has given me motivation to carry on with what I’m making. Being able to progress with something I want to create and show the world is very fulfilling.

So until next time, much love ^_^

Olatunji and Daemon | Key Holder of Sin Tamer

Finally my gorgeous Olatunji is finished. He’s the tamer of Daemon and the key holder of wrath. I absolutely love him and can’t wait to draw more of him and share his character ;_; This is an improved version of a previous upload. He’s definitely Chaotic Neutral. I took inspiration from Idris Elba and Gentleman Jocard from POTC. This is also my first time drawing Daemon (which unfortunately you can’t see much of). At this time, I have Gluttony and Pride left to make/upload. Stay tuned and watch this space!

Digimon, Daemon © Bandai
Olatunji, Artwork © Mysel

Art Progress and Digimon Weebing

Since posting my Pokemon sheet I’ve been busy with making a bunch of artwork. I’m starting to get comfortable with the program Medibang and haven’t found one I feel more comfortable with.

So far for my Digimon AU (alternate universe) I’ve drawn two of the tamers from the main team as well as three members of the “Keyholders of Sin” group which are based around the Seven Great Demon Lords of the Digital world.

But as favouritism goes, I’ve made a few pieces based around my self insert character, Naomi and oc Zack. Damn, I love these edgelords~ These characters are apart of the same au but are in the grey area between protagonists and antagonists. The middle piece is the reference sheet of the Biomerged form between all three of these characters, Baphomon ♥

October has been a busy month for Digimon in general as not only have we had Digimon: Rearise and Cyber Sleuth/Hacker’s Memory (Complete edition), but Digimon Appli Monsters is now watchable on Crunchyrole. Unfortunately I’ve only watched a few episodes but I really love how they’ve modernized the series by making the Digimon Apps instead of the digital programs. And yes, it’s cheesy but it’s also quirky and choked me with a few laughs already.

As for Digimon: Rearise I’m just in love with Herrismon and his entire Digivolution line. I swear to God when I first saw him in his in-training from I didn’t want him to digivolve, it was so sad! I was also lucky enough to get an Impmon and Renamon on my first summon! GET IN!

At this point in time I don’t think I’m going to be picking up the Complete edition. I’m not much of a gamer to be honest and usually get distracted with drawing, reading etc. But I did manage to finish off my Cyber Sleuth cosplay and get some decent shots of it. My photoshop skills are not the best but they will do.

Next week will also be London MCM Expo which I will be going to work at. My work will be setting up a stand there so I’m really nervous for the work week ahead of packing a chunk of the stock up and making sure we’ve got everything! Once we’re there and set up it will no doubt be a really fun time selling, catching up with friends and just general weebing! I’ll update this space after the weekend ♥

NoblePumpkinmon | Digimon ReArise

So glad to have this Mon back, and looking like such a dapper gent! I guess he did pick up some sick threads while on his shenanigans in Tokyo. 

 Let me just ugly sob and hug him ok! 

There’s a lot of reasons why I love this Digimon. Mainly for the Jack Skellington inspiration in his design, sort of Dan Fortisque/Medievil 2 steampunk asthetic—ARRGH! ♥

Digimon, NoblePumpkinmon © Bandai
Artwork © Myself (Notorious Noire)
Background by Magical-Mama…

Tabatha and Toyagumon

GIRL~ This is too colourful for my liking 8”D

Been meaning to do this for so long and now these two are finally together ;_; This is my OC Tabatha and her partner Toyagumon. They’re residents and protectors of Toy Town for my AU, but she’s also worked her way into being the leader of my Digimon group.


Toyagumon is a guilty pleasure of mine, idk. This is also one of those rare occasions where I conjure up a background. I know. WITCHCRAFT INNIT…

Digimon, Toyagumon © Bandai
Artwork and background © Myself (Noire Notorious)

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